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Rocket Science

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

So many business owners (and our employees!) lose focus and get caught up in the 'day-to-day' stuff that can be cancerous if not treated.

Oh, we all know this, of course, it's just that there's a chasmic gap between knowing and doing - and it's only the doing that makes a difference - which is why I found it so useful to be reminded...

One of those small things might, for example, be the number of times you dial the telephone; the number of emails you send to your prospect list; or the clicks on your Google Ads that are having the biggest effect on your bottom line.

In truth there will only be a very small number of key activities that will be having a big impact on your profitability and it’s our job, as business owners, to identify what those activities are - and then dedicate the right amount of time to them.

If making outgoing calls to prospects would increase your customer base then the smart entrepreneur would this week start recording the number of dials and conversations you’re having and then the associated business that you do off the back of it.

The next step would be to break this down to the number of calls you’ll need to make on a daily basis to reach your weekly target and each time you have a day where you make less than that number of calls you’ll be able to alert yourself to that fact and factor that in on the remaining days of the week to ensure you still meet your weekly target.

Hey, I never said it was rocket science (!) but it's this sort of operational, day-to-day rigour that differentiates the super-successful from the also-rans.

You see it not only puts you in control of what you need to do on a daily basis but also keeps you focussed on the really important and simple activities that you and your team need to be red-hot on in order to get your business to where you want it to be.

Once you've got this understanding and clarity it’s so much easier to scale your business.

Of course, any journey, no matter how long, begins with just a single step and for most of us that first step is about writing down what we’re doing and then tracking the related results it brings. I know it was for me.

Can be really enlightening. Let me know how you get on… - & if you could use any help to crack this & the other steps necessary to deliver the rhythmic acquisition of customers for your business give me a call…

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