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  • Lee Paine

The importance of BRAs…….

Now I have your attention 😊

My last full time role was at The poweredbypie Group inc. PSG. I had a great time there and a really cool job, with one task helping with Business Readiness Activities. In my experience they are essential in getting acceptance for change to mitigate potential pitfalls or conflict.

Below are areas that I feel are important (so you understand the context, our business was developing software);

🔹 Planning – people know what’s being done and when they will get done

🔹 Communication – what is happening, why and what will they be getting from the change/s

🔹 Processes – what will we be doing….

🔹 Procedures – how will we be going it……

🔹 Testing – ensure what is being done meets the requirements. This tend to be known as UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

🔹 Training – get people benefiting from the changes quickly

🔹 Reporting – to prove the changes are successful or further changes required

As it states in the name, these tend to relate to your business, but can be used for your clients and customers - we found these hugely successful.

It is huge topic but I hope this snippet helps you? If you would like more details over a virtual coffee then please get in touch.

Stay Safe

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