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Man or machine, as an ITC (Introvert Tech Coach), I help businesses and individuals grow and thrive in this digital world

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I offer guidance to individuals and businesses as an IT Consultant/Mentor and Business Coach.

With a background specialising in IT delivery, I bring a practical and pragmatic approach to assisting people. This could be a business with a particular project to implement, or a person trying to navigate through a complex situation, perhaps business change or strategy planning, or feeling that imposter syndrome set in, or like they are sabotaging themselves from achieving all that they want to be able to do. I offer support, guidance and direction through coaching sessions and mentoring.

I am not a “cheerleader” kind of coach – I am almost tempted to call myself “The Introvert Coach”, but that might not be a winning name! But I will bring calm, order and logic into your thinking patterns, set you on the path and get you going in the right direction, feeling confident and being content.  I will teach you problem-solving techniques so you can harness the energy to get the job done. This is about enabling businesses – and the people in them – to find the right answers.

People are complex. Not only that, we can be stubborn or set in our ways, opinionated and thinking that our opinions are facts. Faced with tough situations or decisions, our ‘fight or flight’ mode often kicks in; we can be our own worst enemies; we put up walls or stick our heads in the sand or find excuses or pretend everything will be just fine. My coaching and mentorship are very future-focused: this is not therapy, or lots of going over your narrative, your ‘story’ … it is about what you want, where you want to be, and how you want to feel – then finding the best way to achieve those things. If there are obstacles in the way, we will work as a team to overcome them. I will not be shouty or brash, I will simply help you find ways to be the best YOU that you can be.

IT can be pretty complex too – just in a very different way to people!! My love of logic means I help organisations by translating complex concepts into accessible and jargon-free explanations, so that everyone understands what they need to know, leading to reduced costs and improved efficiency. My strong leadership qualities, along with my empathy, enable me to resolve issues with minimum conflict. I am extremely analytical – within both business and technical environments – and I have a strong visionary approach to system development.

As a kid, I loved Transformers … and I still do! And as an adult I really enjoy helping businesses and the people within them to transform – maybe turning a company where things are difficult or fraught into a happy place to work, or a troubled and stressed person into someone who feels energised and confident and ready for anything. We all have an Optimus Prime inside us (that name means “the very, very best”) … let me help you to unleash him!

If you would like to discuss what you want to achieve & get some guidance, then let's talk!


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